Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Good Food, Good Life

Nutrition, Health and Wellness is Nestlé’s strategic direction. We want you to be able to make healthy choices about your food and beverages. We also believe that good food sometimes means treating yourself!

We aim to make your life more pleasurable because our products not only taste better; but they are also more nutritious.

Here we have listed some of the local sites that will provide you good local information about Nutrition, Health and Wellness. We will change and add to these addresses from time to time, so be sure to come back often to check on the links for Good Food, Good Life.

Myth Busters

Does fruits after a meal cannot be digested properly ?

Test your nutrition knowledge at Nestlé Middle East : Nutritional myth busters

Helpful Tools

Your Wellness Indicator

Your Wellness Indicator is a quick and easy-to-use tool that tells you about your body fat and risk for disease